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Marian K. Riedy


With its courtroom drama, twisty plot, deception, blackmail, and a body in the wrong grave, Surprise Witness is a “head scratching whodunit” of a legal thriller.

In the novel, an unexpected revelation from a client leads the lawyers at A. Stein & Associates to discover a dark thread, veiled in secrets, connecting three war veterans to a life-altering encounter in the jungles of Vietnam.

The attorneys must uncover the truth of what

happened to stave off disaster, sending them on a wild pursuit of the surprising witnesses to it all. 

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Underlying this gripping courtroom drama lie powerful themes of guilt, redemption, and lost identities, all haunted, decades later, by what men did to survive and escape the Vietnam War.


-William H. Clamurro, Professor emeritus, Emporia State University

U.S. Amy medic, Vietnam, 1969 – 1971

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